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WHSE Compliance Guidelines

A comprehensive set of over 140 WHSE Compliance Guidelines.
(refer to the Guidelines Register). 

Each Guideline includes the following:

  1. Scope
  2. Objectives
  3. Definitions
  4. Issues to be Addressed (i.e. the basis for the procedures)
  5. Responsibilities of Personnel
  6. Supporting Documents
  7. Related WHSE Guidelines
  8. External References (Commonwealth, all Australian states and territories, and New Zealand)
    • Acts and Regulations
    • Statutory Codes of Practice, Policies, Directives and Orders
    • Management System Standards i.e. (ISO 9001, AS 4801, ISO 14001, NAT, etc.)
    • Australian and New Zealand Standards (including those referenced in legislation)
    • International Standards
    • Guidance Notes and Publications

The External references in each guideline are issue-specific that is, they specifically relate to the issue covered by the guideline (often including the specific part and division in the regulations which include the requirements related to the topic covered by the guideline).

Refer to Section 8 of the Sample WHSE Guidelines


The structure and format of the Guidelines lend themselves to enable users to quickly, easily and effectively develop compliant procedures, by utilising the major issues covered by the guideline and expanding these issues with detailed requirements of the external references (i.e. acts, regulations, codes of practice, standards).

The set of Guidelines comes complete with associated documents, including:

The Guidelines are updated on a quarterly basis, including changes to legislation and other external requirements.

Refer to WHSE Compliance Guidelines Package.

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