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Isaac is the founder and Principal Consultant of Management Systems Australia, and has been involved in assisting many of the leading companies in Australia with the establishment of their management systems, the integration of environmental protection, safety and occupational health with Quality Systems, and the incorporation of legislative requirements and best practice into operational practices. Isaac is also responsible for the development of Management Systems Australia's WHSE Management System and WHSE Guidelines, which are used by a large number of leading companies in Australia and elsewhere.

In 1993, Isaac was awarded the ACIC (Australian Chemical Industry Council) national safety award for developing and implementing an auditable, quality-based, Environment, Safety and Health Management System; and in 1995 received an award from the Victorian Government WorkCover Authority 'for Excellence and Innovation in Workplace Health and Safety', for developing the MSA WHSE Management System.

Isaac is a regular speaker at conferences throughout Australia on the subject of WHSE management systems, the implementation process and ensuring compliance with WHSE legislation.

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