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WHSE Compliance Guidelines Updates

The WHSE Guidelines and associated documents are regularly updated to keep up-to-date with the ever increasing changes to legislation and other external requirements, and to incorporate operational changes and improvements.

Updates are issued on a quarterly basis (in February, May, August and November).  Changes incorporated in the updates include:

  • Changes (new, amended and repealed) to applicable legislation (acts, regulations, statutory codes of practice, etc.);
  • Changes (new, amended and repealed) to applicable Australian, New Zealand and  international  standards;
  • Changes (new, amended and repealed) to publications and guidance notes;
  • Modifications and improvements;
  • Additional guidelines, as issued by MSA.

All changes are clearly highlighted and the update will also include a Summary of the Changes document.

Updates will be delivered to you using our cloud-based, online delivery system.  The system utilises Microsoft SharePoint - a secure online document portal with servers physically located in Australia.  It is safe, very simple to use, accommodates the current versions of all mainstream internet browsers and there is no need to setup additional login credentials.

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