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WHSE Compliance Guidelines

A comprehensive set of over 140 WHSE Compliance Guidelines covering a wide range of operational aspects that have the potential to affect the health and safety of people, or the environment. Each with specific references to acts, regulations, codes , standards and publications, as they specifically apply to the operational aspect covered by the guideline. Ideal for quickly, easily and effectively developing compliant WHSE (or HSE or SHE or OHS) procedures.

Regular Updates

The WHSE Guidelines and associated documents are updated on a quarterly basis (in February, May, August and November), to keep up-to-date with the ever-increasing changes to legislation and other external requirements, and to incorporate operational changes and improvements.

Each update is delivered to you via our cloud-based, online delivery system, utilising Microsoft SharePoint, and includes the entire current version of all of the WHSE Guidelines package files.

Our Customers

The MSA WHSE Compliance Guidelines and updates have been used by a large number of leading companies and organisations in a wide range of industries, including Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Transportation, Food Industry, Oil and Gas, Energy and Utilities and others. These include Downer, John Holland, AGL, Alinta Energy, CSR, KiwiRail, Hawkins Group, Infigen Energy and others.

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WHSE Management System

A comprehensive, customised WHSE Management System or just a set of WHSE Guidelines can be created for your company, quickly and cost-effectively. As an alternative to our generic set of WHSE Guidelines, our customers can have these Guidelines customised for them, so as to create a comprehensive set of customised Company-specific WHSE Management System, available via your Company's intranet.

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